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  • Lectures and workshops are offered online through our Blue Barn Quilt Guild website.
  • Classes are provided in-person at Blue Barn Quilt Co. headquarters.


Typically occurring on the second Tuesday of each month, a lecture features an expert in the quilting field speaking for about an hour on an interesting subject.


Occurring typically on the third Saturday of each month, our previous lecturer returns to provide a three- to six-hour online workshop. For these events, a supply list will be provided and you can source your own supplies or purchase them in kit form here on our website.

Free Patterns

Here are some links to excellent free patterns on the web for making beautiful quilts!


These will be offered at Blue Barn Quilt Co. Headquarters beginning January, 2022.

Watch this space for further developments.

Longarm Certification

Learn to Longarm Quilt Certification Class
Location: Blue Barn Quilt Co. Studio
3 hours $150

Learn to use our APQS Longarm Quilting Machine so that you can rent our machine and finish your own quilts! In this class you will learn how to:

  • prepare your quilt top for longarm quilting
  • load your quilt on the frame
  • do basic operation of the longarm quilting machine
  • line up and stitch an easy all over pantograph pattern
  • advance your quilt and line up the pantograph pattern

This three-hour class is required to rent our machine. Included in the cost of this class is two hours of rental time once you have completed the certification.

This class is available anytime between Monday and Saturday and is two hours in length.

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