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Longarm Quilting

Let us help you complete your quilts on our state of the art computer guided APQS longarm machine! Quilting is available by appointment at our studio just 30 minutes west of Edmonton AB or by mail. You have lots of choices with patterns, thread colours, batting and backing. We are here to help along the way if you would like suggestions too!

All of the quilting is done in our smoke-free, pet-free home studio. Our loving care and attention to detail is standard with every quilt we finish. Send your quilts to Blue Barn Quilt Co. and let us put the finishing touches on your beautiful creation. Simple. Quick. Affordable. Done. Now all you have to do is enjoy your quilt for years to come!

We charge by the square inch for our quilting. If your quilt is 60 X 80″ then 4,800 square inches is exactly what you pay for. No more, no less. Our quilting charge isn’t based on a size range — that would be unfair to you!


We have a variety of backings available to purchase. One of our favourites is Fireside. It feels like a super soft flannel that has been washed hundreds of times. It is what I put on the back of all of my own quilts. We have a wide variety of colours available. Or you can provide your own backing.


We use Quilter’s Dream batting, a high quality favourite in the quilting community. We offer 70/30 Blend (natural), 80/20 Blend (white), 100% Cotton, Bamboo/Silk Blend and 100% Wool all in 92” widths. For King size quilts we carry Hobbs 80/20 in 120" wide. Or you may send your own batting!


We use Glide by Fil-Tec. It is a 40wt polyester thread designed for longarm quilting and durability. Glide has a bit of a sheen similar to rayon. It produces beautiful stitch quality. We carry a full rainbow of colours to match every quilt.

You are trusting us with your special quilt project.
We are committed to schedule quick finish dates and update you through the process.

Preparing Your Quilt

It is important to apply your borders so that your quilt lays flat. This will prevent pleats and puckers.

To apply Borders so that they are square:

  1. Measure your pieced top (before the borders are added). Lay your quilt top on a flat surface and measure across the top, middle and bottom on the width (or length)of your quilt top.
  2. If the measurements are not all the same (and they usually aren’t!) add the three measurements together and divide by 3 to get the average. Use this number to cut the borders to that length. I mark the middle on both the border and pieced top and pin so that there isn’t any movement or distortion as you apply the border.
  3. Apply the borders to the top (or sides, depending on which way you measured) of your quilt top. Press seams (I usually press toward the outside to eliminate bulk).
  4. Measure across the length (or width, opposite of #1 above) at the top, middle and bottom including the two previously added borders.
  5. If the measurements are not all the same (and they usually aren’t!) add the three measurements together and divide by 3 to get the average. Use this number to cut the borders to length.
  6. Apply these two borders to the sides (or top & bottom, depending on #1 above) of your quilt and press.

Fullness and puckers within a border cannot be quilted out. We will try our very best to work in any fullness but cannot guarantee that pleats and puckers will not be sewn in. Remember, the flatter your quilt top lays the better your finished quilt will look.

Please make sure that all your seams are secure and that stray threads are clipped and picked off the front and back of the quilt top. Unclipped threads can show through lighter fabrics

Mark the top edge of your quilt with a safety pin.

Please do not layer your quilt top, batting and backing together. They are loaded on the machine separately.

  1. Cut off any selvage edges before stitching the seam and use a ½” seam allowance. Use a shorter stitch length and press the seam open. It is preferable if you can leave the selvage edges on the outside edges of the backing. If possible, try not to have the seam exactly in the middle. Often quilts are folded in half and that will be a stress area.
  2. Size of the backing must be 4-6” larger on EACH side of the quilt. The more wiggle room you can give us the better!
    Ex. If your quilt is 60”x80” the backing should be AT LEAST 68”x88”. It would be even better if you could make it 72”x92”.
  3. Trim the edges of the backing so that it is straight and square, this ensures that the backing will be loaded square on the machine and that the quilting design will be straight.
  4. Press your backing.
  5. Mark the top edge of your backing with a safety pin.
preparing your quilt


We recommend that you put your quilt top (backing and batting if you are including them as well) into a plastic bag to protect it enroute. Insurance from the post office is also an option.  Include your name and phone number as well. It would be helpful if you could include a copy of the confirmation email.

You can include your own or you can purchase it from us. Either way, it needs to be 4″ to 6″ larger on EACH side.

We will choose a thread similar to what you have chosen and make sure that it matches well to blend into the quilt. We will choose a bobbin thread that blends with the backing as well.

At this time we offer edge to edge quilting. The pattern will be over the entire quilt surface.

Please mark each quilt clearly with the pattern and your name. Make sure to mark the backings and battings too if you are sending them. Include the confirmation email for clarity as well as your phone number. It is often quicker and easier if we can call you if we have any questions.

If your quilting order is more than $150, return shipping will be included in the cost of the quilt. Orders totaling less than $150 will benefit from an economical flat rate charge of only $10.

We do our very best to expedite the quilting process and try to give you an accurate estimate at the time of booking. We will be in contact with you along the way to keep you updated on the progress.

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