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My first memory of stitching is weaving colourful yarn through the mesh of an onion bag. I was five. My mother encouraged my early projects with bits of fabric, fine thread and proper sharp needles. She was an accomplished maker—sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet—even macrame. This was after all the 70s! What I inherited from her is a deep respect for traditional techniques updated for today’s maker.

I consider myself a maker. Life would be unendurable for me if I couldn’t make things. And making things by hand using exquisite textiles and fine thread provides me with the greatest pleasure.

Teaching is also a pleasure. To sit, share, and stitch with others is deeply important to me. I enjoy thinking about how to best present a technique which will help students enjoy early success but also ignite their desire to go deeper. I seek to play a small role in elevating the dignity of making by hand.

I look forward to sharing traditional and new techniques in all areas of textile arts, quilt-making, embroidery, bag-making and accessories.